Ibis Mojo HD 4 GX Setup

Ibis Mojo HD 4 GX Setup
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  SPECS   Reifen größe 27.5” (650b) / up to 2.8 tires... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ibis Mojo HD 4 GX Setup"


Reifen größe 27.5” (650b) / up to 2.8 tires
Federung vorne 160–170mm forks
Federung hinten 153mm (6 inches)
Boost: 148mm rear / 110mm front
Sattelstützendurchmesser 31.6mm
Bremsen druchmesser hinten 160mm post mount / 203mm max
Kettenlänge 430mm (16.9 inches)
Innenlager Threaded (68mm English threaded)
ISCG 05 Compatible Optional removable adapter
Tapered Steuerrohr ZS44 upper / ZS56 lower
Farbe Fireball Red 
Sizes L
Rahmen Garantie 7 Jahre 



As bikes have become faster and more capable, the notions we held of what was ‘normal’ frame geometry have been blown out of the water and new trends have emerged. Folks seeking greater stability through longer front ends and shorter stems were buying a size up from what we expected. With the HD4 we’ve done that for you by increasing the reach by the equivalent of one size, but without the penalty of an overly long head tube or seat tube. The longer reach combined with a slacker head angle stretched out the wheelbase, and delivers confidence inspiring stability in the roughest and steepest terrain.



No one thought they needed a dropper seatpost until they tried a dropper seat post, and no one needed a longer dropper seatpost until they tried a longer one, but you can’t enjoy the benefit of that extra drop if the seat tube is in the way. So we shaved 50mm off the top of each seat tube to give you room to roam. Now there’s enough room for shorter riders to run a 150mm dropper on the small sized frame, or a 170mm dropper for everyone on all of the other sizes, and still get your correct saddle height.


Since the beginning of Ibis 2.0 we’ve partnered with suspension guru Dave Weagle to utilize his dw-link suspension technology to deliver an unparalleled combination of pedaling and bump performance, but dw-link is not a static design. Over the more than 13 years that we’ve worked together, his designs and our objectives have evolved. For the HD4 we utilize the 5th generation dw-link suspension system to maintain the pedaling performance that Ibis bikes have always been known for, but with more progression in the shock leverage curve, allowing for more big-hit capability in very rough terrain.



With 6.25”(160mm) of travel up front and 6”(153mm) in the rear the HD4 delivers more than enough cush to handle the roughest tracks. In fact, the suspension is designed to stay high in its travel delivering a proportional response to small and mid-sized bumps, and only diving deep into the shock stroke on the biggest hits. Consequently, that 6” manages the terrain better than other longer travel designs that tend to wallow in their mid-stroke.


Continuous refinement of our linkage design has resulted in a 40% increase in stiffness at the lower link, and 30% at the upper link than our previous designs.

Plus, we laser etch instructions on how to install properly. "I'm down!"



Designed to accommodate ‘piggyback’ style shocks without sacrificing the room for a water bottle, the HD4 ships with Fox's DPX2. The added fluid volume and twin tube damper design manages heat build up and bottom out better than standard inline shocks for the roughest enduro tracks.

For riders who want a higher degree of tunability, we have an upgrade shock available on every kit, the excellent 2018 Factory Series Fox Float X2 with Kashima coating.

To setup sag, go for  14 - 18mm / 25 - 30%.

Gabel Fox Float 36 Performance Series 160mm, 27.5”, 15QR
Dämpfer Fox Float Performance Series DPX2 7.875 x 2.25
Felge Ibis 738 Alloy, Ibis Hubs
Reifen Maxxis 27.5 x 2.6 Minion DHF WT
Bremsen Shimano BL/BR-M615 180mm Front Rotor, 160mm Rear Rotor
Kurbel SRAM Descendant Aluminum
Schaltwerk SRAM Eagle GX 12 Speed
Schalthebel SRAM Eagle GX 12 Speed
Kassette SRAM XG 1275 10-50 12 speed
Kette SRAM Eagle GX with Power Lock, 12 speed
Steuersatz Cane Creek 40: ZS44/EC49
Griffe Lizard Skins Logo
Lenker Ibis 780mm Alloy
Vorbau Ibis 31.8mm (50, 60, 70, 80, 90mm)
Sattelstütze KS LEV-Si Dropper (100mm, 125mm, 150mm options) / 175mm KS Integra for $50 upcharge
Sattel Ibis custom saddle, CrMo rails

Beim Kauf vor Ort erhälst du ein kostenloses Bike-Fitting direkt vom Fachman mit dabei. 
>> Kurz sammengefasst: Ibis Mojo HD 4, in Größe L, als Einzelstück !! <<

Laufradgröße: 27,5
Rahmenhöhe: L
Rahmenart: Fully
Einsatzzweck: Downhill
Gänge: 1x12, 12 Gänge
Schaltungstyp: Kettenschaltung
Rahmenmaterial: Carbon
Bremsart: Scheibenbremse
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